03 May 2011

Hill Buzz

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We’ve had quite a news cycle over the last week around the nation.  From deadly tornadoes (our thoughts are with everyone affected); to a Royal wedding that provided a bit of distraction from more serious world events; to the assassination that has consumed the news the last two days; there is no shortage of news to read or watch.  And in the midst of all of that, things are still moving along in our humble corner of the world.  So while I do not want to detract from much greater events around our country or halfway around the world, I do have a number of links to share about the happenings in our neighborhood.  Including more (small) progress on the Hine project and that pesky redistricting issue that the city is dealing with.

  • We’ll have more on the redistricting issues for you soon, but if you want to read a little about how it could affect Ward 6, check out JDLand and ANC Commissioner Brian Pate’s Blog.
  • EMMCA shared a lengthy update on the ANC’s Hine School resolution, and DC Metrocentric reported that the Historic Preservation Review Board granted partial approval for plans.
  • DonRockwell.com really liked Atlas Room…more than anything else on the Hill! (via H Street Great Street)
  • Remember that exciting news that we might get a Whole Foods in Near Southeast?  Last week JDLand hinted that the project was in trouble; then the Washington Post said it was off; and then DC Metrocentric reported that the BID says that the Post’s coverage “had damaged the chances of it happening.”  Maybe now Trader Joe’s can come in?  Please?
  • We Love DC returned to check out the Chesapeake Room after its one-year birthday.


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