05 Apr 2011

5 Questions: MAFA Co-Owner & Jiu Jitsu Champion Nyjah Easton

Nyjah Easton (left) and her partner Rita Floyd. Photo courtesy of Nyjah Easton.

There’s a set of store fronts on the south side of Payne Elementary that has always seemed to me like a missed opportunity. For a while there was a laundry mat, then a convenience store that didn’t seem to have any inventory. The current owners make much more of an impression; “Find Your Girlpower” their advertising challenges. Owners Rita Floyd and Nyjah Eason already made a name for themselves on the Hill as an alternative exercise venue with great programs for kids and women where students unique fuse of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Yoga and functional fitness. Nyjah took some time off from training and teaching to answer these questions

How did you become the World Champion of women’s jui jitsu?

One of the things that we teach here at Capitol Hill Martial Arts is goal setting. We start as young as age 3 and have students as mature as 60 and up. Our message is consistant to everyone. We must set long term and short term goals. It is a philosophy that I have carried on and off the mat.  Once I set the goal to become a World Champion my coach and I set a game plan and I followed it to the letter. Having that clear goal helped us develop a road map to the top of the stands.

And now you’re a small business owner. Are there any skills that transfer well?

Patience and Determination transfer near directly. Facing an opponent we sometimes find ourselves in positions that we’d rather not be in. But remaining calm, assess the situation, and find a way to use the current situation to your advantange. In business we’ve faced our share of challanges. We were attempting to do something that hadn’t been done before. Two women opening the Worlds First Mixed Martial Arts Academy for Women and for Children. So both patience and determination are essential to our continued success.

The building your studio is in seems like a great space, but several businesses haven’t been able to make a go of that location. How are you going to make sure you have staying power in the neighborhood.

Over 80% of our new students are reffered to us by a current student. Our staying power is really rooted in the quality and the level of benefits that our students gain by training with us. We constantly invest in ourselves and our education so that we are able to provide the highest quality martial arts and fitness instruction to our students. So as the number of satisfied students  enrolled in our program grows, so will we.

You mentioned your most popular class is the Mixed Martial Arts Boot Camp. Your ads are provocative, say “find your girl power,” and put a female face on martial arts. What do you offer for women that they can’t find at Results or Sport & Health?

The ladies come in looking for a different way to meet either weightloss or exercise goals. Very simular to what they are looking for at a Results or Sport and Health. But what they leave MAFA with is a sence of confidence that they can defend themselves through skills and techniques learned in our MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai Boxing style classes. They leave refreshed from the relaxation sessions that follow each of our weekday MMA classes. And they also leave feeling accomplished as our smaller class sizes allows our coaches to personally iteract with members, correcting form and encouraging participants to finish strong.

Tell me about the Tiny Ninjas? Is this an new alternative to Mommy & Me or Gymboree for all kids or just for Bruce Lee-wanna be’s?

In the Tiny Ninja class we are teaching students  to become independent, improve coordination and motor skills, as well as discipline and self defense. We have a great time running, jumping, kicking, punching, rolling, and lots of loud Kiyas.  All great activities they love to do but with discipline and structured in the right environment. At the request of our parents who work with us either in our inschool martial arts experience or one of our inhouse youth programs, we will be offering  the martial arts summer camp experience. It is open for ages 4 to 13 years old. Its lots of martial arts training, tournaments, field trips, reading, and all around summer fun.


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  • Paul Legere

    Our whole family have become huge fans of Coach Nyjah and Coach Rita and what they are doing at Capitol Hill MAFA. My wife , 8 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter are all attending and enjoying classes there. I highly recommend checking them out.

  • Verlene Little

    My 10 year old daughter and 5 year old son including myself have been members of MAFA since they opened and we absolutely love it. There’s been nothing but positive results since our membership, physically, at home and school. These ladies ROCK!

  • Mrs. P

    I have watched Coach Nyjah and Coach Rita work hard to achieve their heighten MMA fitness and BJJ skill level. These two women are energetic and train hard. If you want to test their girl power, just step on the mat and say “We Want Some More”. They are great instructors and bring nothing but energy to every class.

  • FWIW, these buildings were constructed as a result of cheap financing available during the S&L book in the late 1980s. There wasn’t a market for the buildings which is why they’ve languished ever since. This is a good use for what would otherwise be marginal properties.

  • DK

    No chance they’re going to teach a class that adult males w/o kids can participate in? I live right around the corner and would love to join in!

  • Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. And to the poster who requested mens classes…we are working on it. Be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for all the latest updates.

  • bob
  • bob

    Research Lloyd Irvin Rape. Empowering women lol.. not this group. Bunch of scammers and cons.

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