14 Feb 2011

High-flying Valentine's Day with TSNY

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If you’re still looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift and you’re tired of giving chocolates and flowers, the Trapeze School of New York (TSNY) at Washington DC has a great option.  Provided you and your loved one aren’t afraid of heights, today you can take a couples lesson in flying trapeze, partnered hand balancing, aerial silks, and static (stationary) trapeze.  TSNY notes the lessons build trust, listening and cooperation skills and provide a great diversion from the traditional romantic dinners and roses.  And the hand-to-hand balancing class can offer you and your significant other a physical closeness you just won’t get at that waltz lesson.  Sure, you may be sore the next day, but you’ll be sore together!

For more information or to reserve spots in the classes, contact Beth Manning at TSNY or visit their website.

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