23 Feb 2011

Barracks Row Feedback Poll Open (Again) 'Til Sunday

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We’re glad to report the folks behind the recent poll of Barracks Row neighbors, as well as a wider Capitol Hill audience, are continuing to gather information and have reopened the poll of sentiments around concerns aabout issues such as parking, restaurant and retail density, and nightlife on 8th Street. Be sure to use this url; the one published last week has been moved.

According the John Stover, who’s conducted the survey (both door to door and online) at the request of and funded by Xavier Cervera, and under the supervision of Barracks Row Main Street, 465 people have taken the survey. Cervera is the owner of Molly Malone’s, Lola’s and Chesapeake Room, as well as yet to open Senart’s Oyster and Chop House. At least 165 of the respondents live within the three block radius around Barracks Row.

The goal is not only to see how people feel about hot button issues (parking and comparisons to Adams Morgan, anyone?) but how their attitudes shift based on proximity. When you provide your address at the end of the poll that information is sliced and diced accordingly.

If you provide your email address at the end of the poll, you’ll receive a link of the results in the near future. Next week, Stover will present the findings at a meeting of ┬áthe economic development subcommittee of Barracks Row Main Street, as well as at the next ANC 6B meeting.

Everyone taking the poll and submitting their email address will be eligible for a $25 gift certificate at the restaurant of their choice on Barracks Row.

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  • Mark

    Thank you for re-opening the survey, just completed.

  • If only people who live close to Metro did not have 2-3 cars & took advantage of Metro, we would have none of these “quality of life ” complaints about parking. Already, most of the people coming to 8th street take Metro. This is a CITY not a suburban shopping area or a subdivision. If people want more of a retail mix, allow owners of historic mom & pop stores to convert their houses back from pure residential to mixed use ground floor retail and we’ll have dozens of corner stores as it once was. Trying to ban the new commerce on 8th street for the sake of parking is insane. Neighborhoods all over this country and the world would BEG to have this kind of business and cities all over would LOVE to have the tax revenue from it. The spoil sports who do not like affluent well dressed young people appearing on 8th street and those who abhor density and new street cars need to go all move to a gated retirement community in Phoenix and leave DC alone to improve.

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