06 Jan 2011

Welcome Back…

(cue Welcome Back, Kotter theme song – one of my favorite songs ever)

The Argonaut is back!

Not that it ever really left of course. The crew kept things running while they recovered from last summer’s fire, but it wasn’t the same while we waited patiently for the day when we could once again get an Argo burger and sweet potato fries. Well, the wait is over, and starting on January 15th, the Argonaut is open – with a full kitchen and bar – once again. (Brunch will start again on the 16th, including the always amazing french toast with brie!)

You’ve no doubt seen the exterior changes, with the new paint (it’s no longer “the green building at the end of the street”), but you’re going to love the changes they’ve done downstairs. I know, we loved it before, but this is like when someone gets really, really good plastic surgery – they look the same, only better. The Argonaut still feels like home, but home with some serious upgrades. 

The bar as you remember it is gone. That area is now the service area between the kitchen and the dining room. Instead the bar has been rebuilt (from the old floor) in the shape of a boat hull and is now located in the corner that points to the Starburst Intersection. The stools (which will be more plentiful than in the old arrangement) face windows that look out onto the patio and Maryland Avenue, as well as two of five tvs that are now downstairs. Oh, and those windows? Yeah, they open up onto the patio so you’ll soon be able to sit at the bar – outside. With a view of a tv or two, so you don’t have to miss the game while you’re sitting outside, at the bar, drinking one of 12 rotating beers on tap and eating your sweet potato fries.

Other than that – and that’s huge – there aren’t that many surface changes. The downstairs looks, and more importantly feels, like it always has: welcoming and friendly and like someplace you’ve been going for years. The menu will not change dramatically, and expect all of your old favorites to return, with some fun new additions and specials. (They got an amazing new steamer, so expect lots more steamed seafood!)

We’ve been tweeting a few photos for you here and there, but without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at the new and improved Argonaut!

You can see more (and better) pictures over at www.whatthehill.org, plus an interview with owners Scott Magnuson and Shaaren Pine. (I am the world’s WORST photographer. Handing me a camera is like a sin against art.)


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  • Very much looking forward to my favorite H Street place getting back on its feet. Shaaren and Scott put their hearts and souls into the Argonaut everyday. Argo 2.0 is a dream come true for them and the rest of their neighbors. Can’t wait to order my next Argo burger with bleu cheese, fish tacos, and of course sit at that amazing bar. Love the renovations, they’ve really accentuated the positives about the building and added to the charm.

  • Looks terrific! An amazing transformation! We can’t wait to come visit and see it!

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