27 Jan 2011

Save Me a Seat at the (Hill) Bar: Washingtonian's Best Cocktail List

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Washingtonian just published a list of their favorite  75 cocktails at the city’s best bars and there are many well deserved nods to the mixmasters at bars and taverns all over the Hill.  There are others among the THIH-ers who are far more schooled in mixology, craft cocktails and the bar scene are better suited to critique this list, but  in this ‘new parent’ phase of my life, happy hour has become increasingly necessary and a night out is heaven. In the absence of local, more authoritative voices on libations, I’ll happily cross reference this list.

Here’s the roundup:

Wisdom’s Summer Fling got the nod for creative cocktails; well, the Washingtonian lushes like anything with at least a jigger of Blue Coat American Dry Gin.  They say a draft of Kostritzer Schwarzbier at Biergarten Haus is the perfect way to enjoy outdoor seating and imply the Pimm’s Cup at H Street Country Club might even help you perfect your skeeball arm. Angels in beer heaven would greet St. Peter with fruity, malty and licorie flavors of St. Feuillien Brune at Granville Moore’s.  H Street is a dancing as well as drinking destination, and from what I’ve heard, after “Awesomeness” at Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar, a mason jar of spiked slushie, I might find myself doing the “double dream hands.” Frightening, but not as scary as the $6 “PBR-and-shot-of-crap-whiskey” combo at Rock & Roll Hotel. It might be tasty for some, but you’d be hard pressed to find me risking a painful late-thirties hangover for that combo.

The list seems to have at least one veiled warning to drinkers, recommending revelers stick to tap water at much-loved local dive, the Tune Inn. It’s been a while since I’ve dined or drunk underneath the watchful gaze of the taxidermy mounts, but one of our resident experts suspects it’s a cute way of indicate the strong pours and minimal mixers from the generous bartenders. Be warned, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and stumble home carefully.

Keep an eye out next month for Washingtonian’s Best Bars list. Voting occurred late last year, so save your lobbying energy for more local elbow bending.

Do you agree with the beverages highlights on the list? What and where are your favorite drinks on the Hill?

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  • Stan Olshefski

    Rock & Roll Hotel’s “PBR-and-shot-of-crap-whiskey” combo is known as a “Philadelphia Special” in Philadelphia and will set you back $2.50-$4.00 (depending on whether it’s a 12 oz. or 16 oz. PBR and how bad the well whiskey is).

  • Joel

    Your going to bring a date to the Redwood? How does this list not have Sun Liquor, The Hideout Quinns or Barca? NO ZIG ZAG? Its not my best cocktail list. Pedestrian.

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