01 Dec 2010

Wells Calls Those Concerned About Crime to PSA Forum

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Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells called for citizens concerned about recent crimes to attend the community PSA 106 meeting Thursday, Dec. 2nd at 7pm, at Tyler Elementary School, at the corner of 10th and G Street SE.

“While crime in general has gone down in Ward 6 – if you’re the victim, any crime is one too many. And like you, I believe no amount of crime is acceptable in our community,” Wells wrote.

He’s right, as judged from the emotional toll taken after a violent crime and the recent outcry following an attack on a woman unrelated to a robbery or other motive other than inflicting pain. For many, the reports of a decrease in crime do not assuage the feelings of outrage or fear that occur when a violent crime does happen close by, and actually make people angrier that their concerns are not being addressed.

“What was particularly troubling about the recent violent assault on Sunday – where a woman carrying her groceries home was the victim – was the inexplicable and random nature of the violent act for no apparent purpose. Nothing was taken.  This is a type of crime that is difficult to predict or prevent.  Once caught, I believe the attacker should be dealt with severely,” Wells said.

There were three incidents around the same area in two days. A shooting around 12th Street SE and I Street SE, for which I do not have clear details, the assault on the shopper, and then a robbery Monday. This third incident was in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE and robbery was the clear motive, police said.  At this time the shooting does not appear to be related to the assault or robbery, MPD-1D Commander David Kamperin told me. “Also, the robbery and assault – although they involved multiple suspects, its unclear if they’re connected at this time… At this time we have some leads but no arrests,” he stated.

Wells noted he  recently conducted a tour with residents from Jenkins Row accompanied by MPD to look at ways to make Pennsylvania Avenue from Jenkins Row safer by assessing lighting, cutting back trees and asking neighbors to keep their porch lights on, in addition to an increased presence.

Wells said he is  meeting with the Housing Authority regarding the housing projects Potomac Gardens and Hopkins to improve video surveillance, improve security and support the efforts of MPD.

The Councilman, who created a juvenile crime task force to deal with crimes perpetrated by high school students or older teens, noted that new legislation, yet to be signed by the mayor, will give authorities “far more information about youth committing crimes so we can intervene where they live and with their families.”

Meanwhile, Guardian Angels are on patrol today on and around the 1300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE because of the attacks. John “Unique” Ayala  of the organization  noted on the MPD-1D listserv, something for which  Police Chief Cathy Lanier publicly thanked him on the  same listserv.

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11 responses to “Wells Calls Those Concerned About Crime to PSA Forum”

  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you to the Guardian Angels. Thank you for making me feel secure. And thank you for all that you do for our community.

  2. Pete says:

    I am really growing tired of Tommy Wells and his repeated lip service to this problem. These crimes took place on a very busy road, in daylight (so porchlights won’t help), on a street with a heavy police presence. We need real solutions not another kumbaya or pot luck dinner. Please attend tomorrow’s meeting to show your support for the victims and to let Tommy know that we are tired of the crime in this area.

  3. Rake says:

    I generally like Tommy Wells, and think that he is doing his best to force some more transparency into the revolving door that is the juvenile justice system here in DC. However, unless more council members get on board with real consequences for these crimes, rather than the stern talking tos and hugs favored by Phil Mendelson and his ilk, things like the recent attacks will continue.

  4. I appreciate all the practical efforts and I’d like to add something. This may sound a little oogly boogly to some, but it helps me as I walk the two blocks from Potomac Metro to my home. I stay off the phone, and alert, and I say, “I am filled and surrounded by the white light of Universal Love, and I send that love out to all who pass by, blessing them and theirs.” I say this with deep conviction. At the very least, it feels better than fear, and at most, quantum physics says it could actually have impact on others!

  5. Ryan says:

    Agree with the post about Wells paying lip service. When he had the Reservation 13 mtg a few weeks back he generally bemoaned the expansion of the methadone clinic and homeless shelter at DC Gen but then essentially said he couldn’t do anything about it and implied that those upset about the situation were a bunch of NIMBYers and overreacting. Then on local news the other night he said sometimes kids do things in groups that they wouldn’t alone in regard to the random attacks the past week.

  6. cvd says:

    That definitely sounds oogly boogly

  7. MishiL says:

    Can anyone give me an idea of how long forums such as this last? This is the first time that I feel truly compelled to attend (I live at 12th and K SE, have for 3 years), but I would love to get some sense of how much of my evening I will be spending there. Thanks!

  8. Pat says:

    Stay alert and off your phone when walking? YES. However, I seriously doubt that sending out the vibe of the “white light of universal love” (*rolls eyes*) will deter any mugger looking for an easy mark such as yourself.

    Try this instead: stay alert, off the phone, walk purposefully, and convey a no-nonsense, “Don’t F**k with me, I will NOT be a crime victim” vibe to these little hoodlums. It works. DON’T BE A CRIME VICTIM.

  9. ANON says:

    My wife and I carry tasers and we hope we will never need to use them. (Yes, we are aware they are illegal in D.C.)

  10. anon says:

    You forgot to list the taxi driver held up at gunpint around 5:30am a few days ago at 13th and Penn SE – according to the police blotter in the Washington Post’s local living section.

  11. b says:

    I stay off the phone, and alert

    I take it you don’t walk home with more than one grocery bag . . . maybe we sould blame the victim for not using a granny cart to free a spare hand for defense from random jaw clockings.

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