05 Nov 2010

Things We Take For Granted: Pumpkin Pie

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After Halloween it seems as though we slip into a sort of holiday vortex, where parties and presents take hold of our lives and we forget to appreciate all the wonderful things that make late fall and early winter, particularly the days between November 1 and December 31, wonderful–things like cool weather, warm fireplaces and the perfect pumpkin pie.

I first fell in love with pumpkin pie as a kid. My grandma Charlotte made some of the best pies and her pumpkin pie was to die for, however, she only made it in the fall . With every family dinner or holiday gathering between October and December, I was certain to get a slice or two or three because I knew that the pie wouldn’t last and never wanted to take it for granted.

When my grandma died I turned to the Tastykake pumpkin pie. Despite being mass produced, in my eyes the Tastykake offering was a very close second to grandma’s pumpkin pie. Like grandma’s pie, the Tastykake pumpkin pie was also a seasonal offering. Available from September through December, the delicious single-serve pies could never be as good as grandma made, but boy did they blow any other single serve comparison you could think of out of the water!

When I moved to DC, I learned that Tastykake pies are hard to find, no matter the time of year. You see, the pies are more like the kind you get from your local baker, so their shelf life doesn’t favor selling in DC. If I want a Tastykake pie I have to head home or beg friends and family to send pies in the mail.

And while I know that it was my move to DC that made me take Tastykake pumpkin pie for granted, I am certain that pumpkin pie is something we all take for granted—whether it’s the pie our grandmas made or our favorite pie from our local baker back home.

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4 responses to “Things We Take For Granted: Pumpkin Pie”

  1. Marcus says:

    Two blog posts urging us to buy pie . . . seriously?

  2. @Marcus – the timing was just coincidental. The writers choose their own topics and I had no idea Kyra’s was going to be about pie on the same day that we had another pie post.

    And, I don’t even like pie.

  3. Kyra Deblaker-Gebhard Kyra Deblaker-Gebhard says:

    Yeah… sorry marcus. It’s just one of the things, a good thing, that reminds me of home and good times before life got all stressful. I think a lot of us take for granted the simple pleasures, be it pie or loved ones. It just so happened that won out over cool temps, family and fireplaces.

  4. Marcus says:

    Got it, understandable.

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