04 Nov 2010

8th Street Bar and Grill Coming to 727 8th Street, Replacing Capitol Hill Sporting Goods?

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Thanks to a reader who brought this to my attention. It seems that 8th Street LLC is applying for a tavern license for the 8th Street Bar and Grill, which will replace Capitol Hill Sporting Goods at 727 8th Street SE.

According to the application, this will be a, “new tavern with American cuisine, dancing and five piece bands playing Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll. Seating capacity is 66. Total occupancy load is 66.  Sidewalk Café with seating for 6.” Hours of operation and sale/service & consumption of alcoholic beverages (inside and out) will be, “Sunday through Thursday 11 am – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 11 am – 3 am,” and hours of entertainment will be, “Wednesday through Thursday 8 pm – 12:30 am and Friday & Saturday 8 pm – 1:30 am.”

I can’t imagine ANC 6B not protesting the hell out of this application to the extent that they’re able. Bands? Dancing? A full-on tavern license? I wish these guys a lot of luck, but will be shocked if this comes to fruition as described in the application. I mean, they might as well be trying to open a pool hall in River City!

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21 responses to “8th Street Bar and Grill Coming to 727 8th Street, Replacing Capitol Hill Sporting Goods?”

  1. jason says:

    It’ll be nice to see another option that is open past midnight on the weekends. I wish them all the luck too. I wonder if their success will hinge on the success of the ANC protest against Moby Dick’s and the noodle place. IMO, the anc needs to get a life, i doubt 8th street will ever become a Adam’s Morgan.

  2. Jess says:

    We’ve been hearing that rumor for a couple years now (since around the time that Finn’s became Molly’s). The story that was passed around the barracks is that the landlord is keeping the current store there until everything is approved. This is the first time I’ve actually seen something that says they have really applied though.

  3. Katie says:

    I hope! That sounds like a place I would frequent often! I hate having to go to U st for live jazz and i would love some blues.

  4. Mark says:

    music is a good thing I was in the sports shirt shop once in 7 years

  5. Alex B. says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. And we can’t have any of that, now can we?

  6. hill_guy says:

    Rock on! FINALLY a decent place to grab a drink around here! I can’t wait…

  7. Chris says:

    I don’t live in 6B — I’m in 6A — but I’m still curious: why would 6B be opposed? What’s the problem with live music?

  8. There are several members of the community around Barracks Row who are very concerned about the shrinking retail on the street. These same people are urging the ANC to consider a liquor license moratorium.

    The ANC has been concerned about the proliferation of bars, nightclubs and galleries (well, The Fridge) on the street for over a year now – adding another tavern license with an entertainment provision is not going to be an easy road for the applicant.

  9. Jon says:

    Live music??? Are they crazy??? What’s next, flashing and throwing beads?!?!

  10. jason says:

    Isn’t the high rents a contributing reason to the lack of retail? Plus we don’t exactly have the same residential density as U st/Dupont to support retail.

  11. SG says:

    This will be run by the same guys who owned Grog & Tankard in Glover Park for decades. The NIMBYs are barking up the wrong tree on this one. It’ll be anything BUT a menace to society.

  12. Trulee Pist says:

    This has been kicking around for almost two years now.

    From the January 2009 ANC 6B minutes:

    “· 8th Street Bar & Grill, License #79198, 727 8th Street SE

    Commissioner Wright reported that the Committee had reviewed a revised new CT license application for this planned entity. While the applicant has made some changes to the original application, no written modifications of the terms have been received nor is the Committee aware that any formal modifications have been filed with ABRA and the ABC Board. Commissioner Olson reminded the Commission that the applicant and ANC are already in the mediation phase of its protest based on the original application with a next meeting scheduled for next week. Commissioner Garrison noted that the Committee had not recommended that any further action be taken at this time. Instead, the Commission decided to defer to the ongoing discussions regarding its original protest.”

  13. Yes, @Trulee, it has. But the sign is up again and this is a new application posted October 29. The hearing is on December 27.

  14. mappo says:

    I think the bar/restaurant snowball has gained too much momentum to stop. Barracks Row has become Bar-Restaurant Row. When the fire station is turned into Lauriol Plaza Dos, the transformation will be complete.

  15. rg says:

    Like Alex B. wrote, we wouldn’t want any fun,would we now? Would those opposed prefer we go back a decade when 8th Street was mostly empty storefronts and marginal businesses? If I remember correctly, I remember some people in the late 90s advocating that because 8th Street was forever doomed to failure, we should get rid of all businesses and rezone the street residential. They are probably the same people complaining that 8th Street draws too many people. Because we all know that the worst thing that can happen to a commercial corridor is for it to draw people…………

  16. Chris says:

    The ANC system is so incredibly broken. It’s infuriating that these few people can force such silly, arbitrary requirements on people who *aren’t breaking any laws*. This city is ridiculous.

  17. KG says:

    Capitol Hill Sporting Goods is a real nice place to shop.
    I’ve shopped there on several occassions, the atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is curtious and professional.

  18. KG says:

    Capitol Hill Sporting Goods is a real nice place to shop.
    I’ve shopped there on several occassions, the atmospher is pleasant, the staff is courtious and professional.

  19. ET says:

    From what I can tell there are no few than 4 food establishments either underway or planned. 2 at Chateaux Animaux, 1 at the old vet, an this one (and this doesn’t count the rumored cupcake place). 4. I’m sorry but this is getting insane. I know that real estate is high and that eateries have the best chance at survival but this seems to be getting a bit out of hand.

    So for me it is not a choice for 4+ new eateries versus 8th Street during the early 90’s, it is about going to 8th for more than just a restaurant. Sure I go there to eat but I eat then I leave. Which is likely the case more most people. For an area to be thriving it seems like you need to have a symbiotic mix. The solution isn’t easy because of the reality of rent/economics, but don’t lump everyone into the NIMBY crowd or the “but don’t you remember” crowd. I do remember and for the most part I am glad some of the empty places are filling up but more eateries on 8th is not going to make me go down there more.

  20. Hungry says:

    Well, on Sunday at 2pm, the wait for a table at Ted’s was over 30 minutes for 2… and close to an hour for a table for 4. God forbid we have more restaurants.


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