21 Oct 2010

The Pie Truck Cometh

Photo by María Helena Carey, who may be jumping on a rocketship to get PIE.

EDIT:  As of 1:40 pm, the PIE truck is filled with pie goodness and rolling toward McPherson square.  Oh, you lucky downtown ducks…

Now as of 1:52 pm, they are at the corner of 13th and K.  Enjoy!


I will be honest: the suspense is killing me.

After announcing yesterday that they would be ready to unleash dangerously delicious pie goodness upon the streets of DC, Dangerously Delicious Pies’s  Twitter feed (to which you can subscribe to keep up with the mobile pie goodness) and their Facebook updates (conveniently integrated so you can keep up even if you’re not a Twit…erer) have been ominously silent as of 12:15 pm.

Who will get mobile pie goodness?  Where will we get pie?  PIE!
Stay tuned for a pie-obsessed update.

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