06 Oct 2010

Meet the Candidates: Kirsten Oldenburg ANC 6B04

We have offered to post brief statements from all of the ANC candidates running for seats on Capitol Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods that we cover here on The Hill is Home.  These statements are not endorsements and have been posted exactly as submitted by the candidates.

Kirsten Oldenburg ANC 6B04

Many people ask me “Why do you do it? … Isn’t it a lot of hard work?” Yes, being an ANC Commissioner is a lot of hard, occasionally frustrating, time-consuming work. But, I do it because I love living on Capitol Hill and want to do whatever I can to help preserve and enhance our neighborhoods.

After the devastating Eastern Market building fire in April 2007, I was seeking ways of contributing to my Hill community other than just writing checks. When a Special Election was called to fill the balance of the two-year term of a departing Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I grabbed the opportunity.

If re-elected, I plan to build on the work I have done since I first became ANC6B-04 Commissioner in 2007.  Thus, I will continue to focus on:

  • Communication with and assistance to residents
  • Development that preserves and enhances our residential neighborhoods
  • Improving pedestrian safety and traffic flows
  • Preservation of open space for adults, kids, sports, and dogs
  • Sustaining strong relationships with the Marine Barracks and new Hill Center
  • Retaining the viability of Hill businesses


As a Commissioner, I become involved in so many issues. There are the official matters that come before the ANC; the historic preservation and zoning cases, liquor licenses, and public space permits. Some of these are difficult cases but ultimately I have to decide how to vote in the best interest of the neighborhood and the District of Columbia. I always make sure that anyone directly affected by all these cases is informed about when and where the ANC will review and vote on them. When asked, I consult with constituents who are appearing before the ANC to advise them on process and procedure.


Much of my time is spent on the myriad issues that pop up in our district. These range from a resident trying to find the right DC office to contact to a whole neighborhood feeling overwhelmed by some event or upcoming change. For instance, I am working to ensure the U.S. Marine Barracks’ effort to expand its footprint on the Hill results in positive benefits for all of us.  I intervened when the noise from the new HVAC system atop Tyler Elementary School’s roof was keeping people up at night and disrupting their lives during the day.  I helped to create the “fenced in area” in Virginia Avenue Park that residents with dogs use.

In the last month alone, I have found ways to reduce the negative impact of Community Connections’ operations on its neighboring businesses and passersby, interacted with neighbors and Marine Barracks officials to refine upcoming construction plans for the Commandant’s House, spoken with the construction firm about the noise it created while renovating the Old Naval Hospital, and worked with a new residents’ group on their concerns about growth of restaurants along Barracks Row. So, one-by-one, day-by-day, I respond to problems and help solve them.


I keep constituents consistently informed through my Beat26 email newsletter about all I do and learn. I started this newsletter in the mid-1990’s, long before I became a Commissioner, to keep residents living within MPD’s Beat26 patrol area informed about crime before there was any public information available. I still aggregate and send out monthly crime report data and intercede with the PSA 106 lieutenant when necessary.

I ask for your vote so I can continue serving our community in these many ways.

To contact me about my campaign for re-election or anything else, send an email to beat26@aol.com or kirsten6b04@anc6b.org, call me at 202 546 8542, or visit my website www.KirstenANC2010.com

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