27 Aug 2010

Bulbs: The Free Gift that Keeps on Giving

Photo by María Helena Carey

The end of August is the harbinger of a gardener’s rest:  soon the temperatures will drop; Mother Nature will take a break; and the cold, frozen ground will force those of us with OCD tendencies to find other hobbies or find new ways of sprouting greenery indoors.  But not so fast, friends of the soil: you still have to plan for your spring garden!

Enter the nice folks at the Capitol Hill Garden Club, who are giving away free bulbs to help you landscape your tree boxes and other public areas of Capitol Hill (ANCs 6A, B and C).  If you would like to get free daffodil and crocus bulbs so we can all enjoy a spring wonderland of scent and color, you need to submit your landscaping design by September 15th.  If they approve it, you will receive your lovely bulbs in October, right in time for planting!

You can find the Bulb Giveaway application, as well as more information on the Capitol Hill Garden Club by visiting their website, http://capitolhillgardenclub.blogspot.com/

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