01 Mar 2010

Drink Up & Eat Up, Save Some Cash with Happy Hours

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I am by no means a Happy Hour regular. I prefer my wine at home, and not a basic Cab or Merlot; and when I drink beer, it’s a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout that doesn’t cost $7 a pint. But I do like my $4 burger specials, $2 fish taco nights, and in an earlier day I ate my weight in the fried free fare upstairs at Banana Cafe. The singer in the ruffled shirt was enough to make the margaritas go down well with chips, cheese and beans, and the staff was reliably warm, cheeky and attentive.

My husband, however, is a devotee of Capitol Lounge, and if he goes three weeks without an appearance at Tuesday night Wing Night, mid-week pissiness descends. The man eats healthily 99% of the time so he savors the plates of 25 or so drippy hot wings as a real treat.  He also appreciates the company of servers who have gotten to know him. He shows up enough on his own that I get a once over when I come along. By ordering a Reuben or something not dripping with hot sauce, I ruin his “cheap date” and drive the bill up.  Either way, he always tips well, on what he thinks the bill would be if they weren’t practically giving food away for free.

Spring is coming and I’m already thinking about burger nights at Mr. Henry’s on the way to Marine Band concerts at the Capitol and looking forward to eating outside at the Argonaut when it’s time to shed the sweaters. Enchilada night at Tortilla Coast might get back on the schedule in early summer, just to enjoy watching the wildlife (ahem, interns).  DC United’s first game is March 27th and we’ll be at Trusty’s for $10 pitchers. The regular Cocktail Class at Wisdom seems like a good investment for the nights only the hard stuff and a cocktail consultation will do. Too bad I just missed the WeLoveDC event. THIH was well represented, and Nichole raves about the Sazerac and María does enjoy a good lavender Gin & Tonic. Ah, G&Ts and springtime… good times ahead.

Do you have any happy hour favorites? What should I add to my list?

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4 responses to “Drink Up & Eat Up, Save Some Cash with Happy Hours”

  1. We should have “taberna del alabardero” in capitol hill. Happy hour is still pricey but it is the real deal!

  2. Kyra says:

    I love the atmosphere and offerings at The Argonaut. It’s no surprise that I have a kid, and having a kid oftens means bringing her along, even when drinks are involved. More often than not, she is treated like she a conservative at Greenpeace rally where ever we go… except at the Argo. (FWIW-she is almost always well-behaved when we take her out, leaving me wondering why we get dirty looks just for being at a restaurant or tavern.)

  3. Ken G says:

    I defnitely second The Argo for a kid-welcome and parent-friendly atmosphere…true family dive!

  4. What a great expression is that “family dive”?”

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