10 Jul 2009

Who's on the Hill?

Courtesy of our fellow neighborhood non-profit census firm Social Compact I was able to get my hands on a ‘drill down’ report for the neighborhood surrounding Eastern Market.  The report delivers some very interesting facts about the population in a one mile radius around Eastern Market (H Street to the Anacostia River, the Capitol to RFK) far more detailed, current and accurate than the US Census.

Reports are here for your perusal, but some interesting quick facts before you get started:

Total Population: 42,499 (21,741 Households)

Average Household Income: $81,836 (1.8 Billion Aggregate)

Average Income of New Home Buyers:  $130,009  (22% jump from ’98-’05)

The report goes on to calculate the amount of ‘leakage’ in retail dollars and the potential growth that the neighborhood could support- but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

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One response to “Who's on the Hill?”

  1. Great info. No kidding about the “leakage.”

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