09 Jun 2009

Hine: The Four Proposals

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development has trimmed its short list of developers. The short listed teams, with presentations in PDF, linked beside them, are:

·  Seven Penn Partners, lead developer Bozzuto Development: http://dcbiz.dc.gov/dmped/frames.asp?doc=/dmped/lib/dmped/school_hine_sevenpenn_community_presentation.pdf

· National Leadership Campus/Western Development Group: http://dcbiz.dc.gov/dmped/frames.asp?doc=/dmped/lib/dmped/school_hine_nlc_comm_presentation.pdf

· Stanton Development Corporation/Eastbanc Inc./Autopark Inc./The Jarvis Companies/Dantes Partners

Part 1: http://dcbiz.dc.gov/dmped/frames.asp?doc=/dmped/lib/dmped/school_hine_stantoneastbanc_comm_presentation1st.pdf

Part 2: http://dcbiz.dc.gov/dmped/frames.asp?doc=/dmped/lib/dmped/school_hine_stantoneastbanc_comm_presentation2nd.pdf

· StreetSense/DSF/Menkiti Group: http://data.memberclicks.com/site/champ/StreetSense.pdf Thanks to CHAMPS for the PDF link  for this candidate.

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2 responses to “Hine: The Four Proposals”

  1. Elizabeth Festa says:

    This website worked for me–the four proposals–pretty slick-looking! http://dcbiz.dc.gov/dmped/cwp/view,A,1365,Q,608821.asp

  2. Thomas Riehle says:

    This website seems to work better, if the dcbiz site is not working for you:


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