13 Mar 2019


Your Comprehensive Guide to Sandwiches on the Hill

Our friend Barred in DC has worked (and eaten) hard to bring you an extensive compilation of all the sandwiches you can get around Capitol Hill and environs. He has great information about bars all over DC, so make sure you bookmark him. –Maria Helena Carey Despite sandwiches being traditionally thought of as exclusively lunch […]

06 Mar 2013

I Don’t Want to Love Taylor Charles Steak & Ice

But I do. I do love Taylor Charles Steak & Ice (1320 H Street NE). Despite the terrible name—a simple Steak & Ice would do—and despite the terrible décor—it is like the Disneyland or, even worse, the Geno’s of sandwich shops—I love the sandwiches at Steak & Ice. Name and style choices aside, the chicken […]

16 Dec 2010

Reader Poll: Best Italian Cold Cut

I am stepping away from holiday chatter for a moment to bring us back to another love — sandwiches.  If there is one thing we have learned here, it’s that people feel very passionately about their sandwiches (or hoagies, or subs, or heroes, or whatever you want to call them).  From Prego, to Mangialardo and […]

28 Jul 2010

Things We Take for Granted: Prego

You may remember me from my post about sandwiches a few months back. After that post I was actually referred to as “the girl who hates sandwiches,” but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I love my staples from home — Macaroni with red gravy and ricotta, pizza with extra cheese, cheesesteaks with […]

19 Jan 2010

H Street:

Taylor: Gourmet Hoagie or Sad Sandwich?

I am about to do something unheard of in Capitol Hill–I am going to write a blog post critical of Taylor Gourmet Deli. Yes, yes, I know that we all love what Taylor has done for H Street—making it a lunchtime destination for even the downtown crowd—but does living along the H Street corridor mean […]

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