29 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Stanton Park Ghost

Ghosts have been a part of Capitol Hill from earliest days. Ghosts from the days when the Capitol was being built still haunt the place. During the 19th Century, ghost stories were frequent fodder for the pages of the newspapers, and reporters displayed a remarkable lack of skepticism. Or maybe that was because there was a […]

10 Jul 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The Short, Unhappy Life of William M. Steele

Last week, we looked at the origins of Pipetown and the rather bizarre noise complaint that brought a number of its citizens into conflict with the law and into the court of Judge Ivory Kimball (pic). Unfortunately, this was not the end of court appearances for one of those fined on that occasion. William Steele went […]

18 Oct 2010

Ghosts of Capitol Hill: Another Ghost in the Capitol

On September 24, 1895, the Washington Post ran an article with the intriguing title “A Capitol Ghost Story.” Reprinted from the Kansas City Times, it related a story told by Colonel Brent Stacy, who had been a tour guide in the Capitol for “several years.” During this time, he saw numerous “queer things” of which […]

11 Oct 2010

Ghosts of Capitol Hill: Patrolman Sedgwick’s Ghost

As the nights get longer and colder, and as we get closer to Hallowe’en, it is time to dig out the ghost stories of the Hill. Fortunately, there seems to be an unending supply of them, and so today we look at a ghost that haunted the northeast Hill for many years.

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