13 Sep 2018

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The Folger Presents A Musical Macbeth You’ve Not Seen Before

The logo for the current productions of Macbeth, now on stage at the Folger Theatre, features several technicolor profiles of an owl as it hovers over a witches’ cauldron. The intersection of supernatural spells and owls –all-seeing, fierce, focused on their prey, and a bit spooky– is a teaser for the mayhem that awaits theatregoers […]

24 May 2018

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Become a Believer with Folger’s Saint Joan

While it has become less and less the case, Washington can be a reserved place where the status quo limits change, and passion and action-oriented enthusiasm gets squashed. There is no such tamping down in the award-winning Bedlam Theatre Company’s production of Saint Joan at the Folger Theatre. Joan and her message are as powerful as a […]

22 Mar 2018

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We Get the Winter’s Tale We Deserve

Just in time for this wintery spring, the Folger unveils their latest offering, The Winter’s Tale. The play will run from March 13 through April 22 at the Folger Theatre. To buy tickets, click here. Director Aaron Posner coaxes a nuanced performance from a gifted ensemble cast. They manage to take us, the audience, into […]

20 Oct 2017

Arts & Entertainment:

Antony and Cleopatra at the Folger: Review

Every production at the Folger is an exercise in innovation. The experimental magic alone is a reason to attend plays there, and frequently. The Folger’s latest, beautiful experiment, “Antony and Cleopatra,” will play at the Folger Theatre through November 19. This is the second time that the Folger stages a play in the round in […]

05 May 2016


The Magic of Laughter with Reduced Shakespeare Company at the Folger

Going to the Folger to see a play is magic… yadda yadda yada. Let’s start that thought again: Going to the Folger with two 10-year olds to see 90 minutes where you can barely breathe you’re laughing so hard? That is where the true magic is. Last weekend, I got to see  the Reduced Shakespeare […]

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