30 Dec 2011

Crunk on in the New Year

Faith and Raychel — that’s the Crunkcakes girls to you — are first and foremost, a riot to hang out with. I tagged along with them during the November H Street Bakes at H Street Country Club and it was fun just to watch them talk, joke, and bicker like a twentysomething pair of BFFs. […]

15 Jun 2011

First Bite: The Sweet Lobby

If you have ever awakened and wondered why Capitol Hill has a sad dearth of places where you can sink your teeth into the yielding but satisfying crunch of a macaron cookie, wonder no more, ye snooty masses: The Sweet Lobby is here to make your picky snacking dreams come true. Once you walk into […]

24 Nov 2010

First Bite: Ba Bay

When a new restaurant opens in your neighborhood– your beloved, cherished neighborhood which has had a bad reputation in the not-so-distant past, you wish it the best of luck.  You go early in the game and explore it, enthusiastically order off the menu, in the hopes that it will make it and stick around. And […]

15 Sep 2010

Things We Take For Granted: Las Placitas

You, long-time resident of Capitol Hill, may or may not have ever eaten at Las Placitas. If you have, you more than likely agree with me that it’s an awesome little restaurant. (Unless you are joyless and heartless, in which case I cannot help you.  I kid, I kid.) If you don’t, you may wonder […]

11 May 2010

More Than Just Cupcakes at the Fine Sweet Shop

Recently, a friend was lamenting that we do not seem to have a gourmet cupcake option on the Hill.  And although I agreed and lamented along, I started thinking about it and realizing that it’s not exactly true.  While it is true that we do not have hip new places — with the exception of […]

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