03 Mar 2016


Your Water is Okay! Maintenance Starts 3/7

Have you ever turned on your sink and the water is a bit stinky? Well, prepare yourself for some intermittent changes in taste and odors in the next two month. The Washington Aqueduct, the organization that treats and disinfects water for the District, is doing annual spring cleaning the drinking water pipes March 7 through […]

11 Jan 2016


How To Help Your Home Survive The Cold

We’ve had quite the mild winter…so far. But it’s still early January and Old Man Winter is clearly still trying to make a fashionably late entrance. Now is the time to prepare for when the temps stay around –or below– freezing for long stretches of days. If you don’t you may just get to discover the […]

16 Nov 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: Carroll’s Spring

A major issue in the birth and growth of Washington D.C. was water: how to get good drinking water to its inhabitants. Capitol Hill in particular had issues with this. Fortunately, there were a number of springs that were used throughout the 19th century. In the early days of the city, James Creek was an […]

21 Oct 2015


DC Water’s Spooky #2 Tour, 10/28-10/30

Are you looking for something different, informative, delightful and stinky to do around Halloween? DC Water has the perfect plan for you: The Number Two Tour! You can take this super-scary, somewhat-stinky tour on Wednesday, October 28; Thursday, October 29; or Friday, October 30 2015 at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, 5000 Overlook Ave SW. […]

23 Sep 2015


Dispose of OTC Meds Safely, Saturday 9/26

Chances are, you have expired medications in your bathroom/pantry/closet/travel bag. Do yourself and Mother Earth a favor and dispose of these medications in a responsible way: Instead of flushing them down the toilet so they contaminate the water supply, or of throwing them away in the garbage without processing them properly so they end up […]

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