14 Nov 2017

New Hill East:

“Hill East Gets the Shaft”

It’s not my words, but those of ANC commissioner Denise Krepp. It’s a strong sentiment, sure, but is it far-fetched? I recently spoke with Krepp about the subject, and have since sat back and collected bits and pieces to support this claim. At the time, she and fellow 6B commissioner –and 6B chairman– Daniel Ridge, […]

26 Mar 2015


Potholepalooza Begins, Won’t Quit ‘Til It’s Done

As I was driving/giving myself a road massage down 6th Street NE the other day, I was wondering just how many potholes DC boasts these days, and who will repair them, and how fast. As if by artifice, this week (specifically, yesterday) Mayor Muriel Bowser launched DC’s yearly #Potholepalooza campaign. Honestly, the name alone gets […]

24 Oct 2012

Don't Make Me Say This Again: Go Vote

Seriously people: I’m sick of your crap. It’s election year, and you (we) won’t shut up about the Presidential election. On Facebook, on Twitter, in person, the big ticket race is all we hear and talk about. Big Bird! Binders of women! Horses and bayonets! But here’s a little secret: it doesn’t matter. We live […]

07 Apr 2011

A Government Shutdown & You

If you live on Capitol Hill and don’t work for the federal government –- surprise! You’re not alone. Not following the latest budget negotiations in Congress? No matter, for a furlough impacting federal operations will most certainly get your attention. So, what will (and won’t!) be operational come midnight Friday? Let’s start with some good […]

14 May 2010

NE Library to Loudly Open Outdoor Reading Room

Libraries are supposed to be quiet places, right? Not this weekend. The Northeast Library will celebrate the opening of its Outdoor Reading Room with a performance by Jali-D, the Drum Talker at noon on Saturday.  David Foreman, aka ‘Jali-D,’ is an accomplished percussionist and spoken word artist with a talent for what he calls “rappercussions” […]

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