24 Jul 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Pipetown Sandy

We have spent the last few weeks looking at the Pipetown neighborhood, its birth and demise. Pipetown had one final moment in the sun in 1905, when the name of the neighborhood was used in a book written by none other than local hero John Philip Sousa (pic). While Sousa is best-known for writing marches, […]

12 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Ulric Dahlgren’s Leg

Today we will look at something that was lost not once, but twice: once on the battlefield, and again in the many renovations and rebuildings at the Washington Navy Yard. In the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, Captain Ulrich Dahlgren (pic) of the United States Army was patrolling Hagerstown, MD, when he was struck […]

23 May 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Sabotage at the Navy Yard

In the early days of the Civil War, the fear of sabotage and secessionist spies ran high at the Washington Navy Yard. After all, with even the commandant opting to throw in his lot with the South, it stood to reason that any number of others would stay and attempt to undermine the war effort as […]

04 Apr 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The 1st Michigan Cavalry’s Hospital

A few months ago, I wrote about Carroll’s Spring and was thus surprised to find a connection to it during the Civil War – as a camping place for the 1st Michigan Cavalry. Washington D.C. spent most of its time during the Civil War as an armed camp – and as a hospital. Given the prevalence […]

14 Mar 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Benjamin Franklin Gallaher

The beginning of the Civil War brought all sorts of troubles to the Washington Navy Yard. On top of the need to ramp up the production of ordnance, there was the issue of saboteurs, the question as to how to secure the yard; not to mention, the logistics of putting up hundreds of troops and […]

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