10 Sep 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard in 1830

Two weeks ago, I looked into the Jonathan Elliott guide to Washington, published in 1830. Today, I want to look at its description of a place near to my heart: The Washington Navy Yard. Elliott’s guide spends about 7 pages describing the Navy Yard, beginning with the usual explanations of its history, its size, the brick […]

24 Aug 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Burning of Washington

August 24, 2018 marks the 204th anniversary of what may be the darkest day in the history of Washington, D.C.: The burning of the city by the British during the War of 1812. Today, it is little more than an excuse to have a party. Back then, it temporarily brought into question the whole existence […]

20 Aug 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The First Navy Yard

The 204th anniversary of the Burning of Washington is almost upon us, and so it seems appropriate to look at one of the episodes of this tragic time that took place on Capitol Hill. No, not the burning of the Capitol by the British, but the burning of the Navy Yard… by the Americans. Burning […]

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