07 Sep 2017

To Do:

To Do: Weekend of September 7th – 10th

I hope this first week back to the normal grind has been mercifully mild for you. The traffic has absolutely increased, true. But that means that the fun and festivals of early fall are about to begin. Here are a few ideas to kick off this long stretch of good times. Tonight, catch an opening […]

31 Aug 2017


To Do: Weekend of August 31st – September 3rd

And just like that it’s over. Sigh. Perhaps you will put a proper end to the summer by scooting out of town for a final beach trip or mountain jaunt. Maybe you will host pals for a backyard send off. Those of us left will enjoy the quiet before the fall comes on strong next week. […]

10 Aug 2017


To Do: Weekend of August 10th – 13th

I’m not sure what we did to deserve this perfect weather, but let’s keep it going. I mean, if we are going to have to face a fiery Armageddon sooner than we had anticipated, we should at least enjoy ourselves on our way out. Tonight, hear stories by and about local refugees at American Odyssey, […]

03 Aug 2017


To Do: Weekend of August 3rd – 6th

Have you noticed the days are definitely getting shorter? It’s not yet the gloom of late fall, but you know it is coming. Make haste with the fun, people! Tonight, the Capitol Hill Chamber Music Festival goes back in time to explore the 17th century in a concert called Baroque in Transition. Musicians will play […]

30 Jul 2017

Arts & Entertainment:

Sunday Plan: Stop By Dock5 and Be Moved

On Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing a temporary exhibit by artist Darius Frank at Dock5 at Union Market. The exhibit, which consists of a video lasting about 20 minutes and a series of pencil drawings with mixed media, was the winner of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Artisan Series  in collaboration with NY public art non-profit Creative […]

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