30 Jun 2011

Let's Get Drunk & Blow Stuff Up

Okay, in reality, there’s very little you can legally blow up in DC on the Fourth. All that’s legal are are sparklers less than 20 inches, torches, box fire, fountains, cones, dip sticks, non-poisonous snakes, paper novelty items, colored lights, and paper caps. Of course, this doesn’t stop folks from crossing state lines to buy […]

29 Jun 2011

Forget the 4th, Pack Your Picnic for Sunday's Dress Rehearsal for Capitol Concert

Last year we started a new 4th of July tradition by taking our lives in our hands and heading to Lincoln Park for fireworks with a truly local flavor. It was an easy change; we’d been able to squeeze in the fanfare, taps, and b-list performers into the night before, and there’s something so earnest […]

28 Jun 2011

National FreedomFest Comes to The Yards Park for The Fourth

DC does the Fourth of July very well.  And our little neighborhood does it even better.  We have some of the best views of the fireworks, we’re a close and easy walk to most the big festivities, we have our own neighborhood parade…the list goes on.  And this year, we also get a two-day festival […]

30 Jun 2010

I Hate Fireworks

I hate fireworks. I know, I know… I’m a terrible American. I don’t like ice cream, Rice Crispy treats or s’mores either. Get over it. As a child, the loud “bang, zoom” of a firework exploding terrified me. Even ear plugs couldn’t make me a willing participant in my hometown’s yearly Independence Day festivities. As […]

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