30 Sep 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Death and Resurrection

Last week, we looked at Douglas Forrest – pictured at left – who served aboard the Merrimac during the Battle of Hampton Roads. After this, he served in various positions in the military. In 1863, he was sent to carry dispatches to France via a pair of blockade runners. He reached Calais safely after some […]

13 May 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: The Night Side pt 2.

Last week, I introduced Robert W. Smiley’s book on the nightlife of 1894 Washington D.C. While the examples I quoted are far from the kind of dirt I am sure those who purchased the guide back then were looking for, as the work progresses, it does live up to its name. On page 39, Smiley […]

22 Apr 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Explosion in the Alley

Having now spent two weeks finding the good in Schott’s Alley, it’s time to go back to my real love: scandals. And Schott’s Alley had its share. In 1911, not only did a gang of purse snatchers make their home there, but it harbored an honest-to-god murderer. But first, the purse snatchers. On January 8, […]

27 Mar 2019


Tricky Intersections and the Residents Who Love Them

Ever wonder how some of the trickier intersections in the city, a.k.a., traffic circles and parks like Stanton Park, Logan Circle or even Potomac and Pennsylvania Avenues at 14th Street, evolved into their present iterations? Capitol Hill resident, ANC commissioner and history buff Mark Eckenwiler (whom you should also be following on Twitter, especially if you […]

25 Mar 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Schott’s Alley

I was recently reading a book about alley life in Washington and found myself looking at a rather remarkable picture: the pediment of the Senate Office Building rising above a decrepit alley. As it turns out, I was not the only one impressed by this image. It is used on the book’s dust cover as […]

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