31 Jan 2022


Lost Capitol Hill: Jefferson’s Gunboats

Over the last few weeks, we looked at Charles William Janson’s book The Stranger in America, and, in particular, what he saw and did on Capitol Hill. When we last saw him, he was looking at the Navy Yard and its surroundings. He finished up his section on the neighborhood by casting a jaundiced eye […]

24 Jan 2022


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard in 1806

Last week, we looked at visitor Charles William Janson’s rather dour view of Washington D.C. in 1806. Continuing on in this vein, we look today at one part of the city which he has some positive words to say about. Well, one positive word. Which is also misspelled: The only part of this city which […]

17 Jan 2022


Lost Capitol Hill: The Stranger on Capitol Hill

Reading about Washington in general, and Capitol Hill in particular, from 200 plus years ago is always a treat. The changes that have come over the place in the intervening years is rather remarkable. Even more fun is when the writer pulls no punches, and tells us what it was really like. One such writer […]

08 Dec 2020


The Navy Strengthens its Connection to Ward 6

It is an honor to share this piece by Melissa Velez of the Naval History and Heritage Command, where we learn about some of the common history that our neighborhood and the United States Navy have shared since the beginning of both. Enjoy learning more about the connections that tie us together as family and […]

02 Nov 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: The Rotunda as Meeting-place

Over the last two weeks, I have looked at how the old Hall of Representatives, which nowadays we know as Statuary Hall, was misused in the time after Congress moved out and before it became a museum. Today, a look at another room, just a few feet north of the former: The Rotunda. Conceived as […]

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