30 Jul 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Block Party Tennis

Closing off the streets of Capitol Hill for a block party is a pretty frequent occurrence. Using the empty street for some kind of sports competition is de rigueur, as well. Much more rare, however, is when the athletes playing are nationally known, whether for their ability for sports, or otherwise. However, just such an affair […]

30 Apr 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: James McGurk

While it has been over 60 years since the last execution in the District of Columbia, the first was done almost immediately after the founding of the city. The site? Just off Capitol Hill, and close enough for us to have a look at the deed today. James McGurk was nobody’s idea of a good […]

23 Apr 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: “Exclusively for Senators”

Two weeks ago, we looked at The Hole in the Wall, a bar on the Senate side of the Capitol. As it turned out, it did not last long past its initial exposure to the public. The death knell for The Hole in the Wall came just two short years after the Saulsbury incident. On […]

05 Mar 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard’s Wind Tunnel

Last week while researching tunnels, I chanced upon another tunnel here on the Hill. It’s not quite the same as those connecting the various Capitol Hill buildings, but one that came in handy in creating a new generation of Navy airplanes after the First World War: A wind tunnel. Aviation was still a new technology […]

19 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Special Presidents’s Day Edition

On this Presidents’ Day, where I hope all my readers are out and about and thus not actually reading this, I figured it would make the most sense to have a look back at Presidents who have been on the Hill for reasons outside the usual inauguration or State of the Union addresses. We start with […]

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