11 Jun 2019


The Fields at RFK Campus are open– But….

On Saturday, June 8, the the communities around RFK welcomed the Fields at RFK Campus (which The Events DC claims was community-chosen, but let’s not forget it was one forgettable choice from three equally forgettable ones). The ceremony, documented with great photos by the Hill Rag, was lovely and the children were very excited. Wayne […]

13 Oct 2016

Kingman Park:

Help Make Halloween Magical at Rosedale

Halloween is a time of year to let your imagination wander and to revel in the season of sweet treats and playing pretend. For the fourth year in a row, E Street Adventures wants to take Halloween to that next level for their neighborhood kids. On Saturday October 29, Halloween on Rosedale (see our Halloween guide for more […]

30 Sep 2015

Local Politics:

No Football Stadium for RFK!

As the old RFK Stadium crumbles to dust, we have an incredible opportunity to grow our city in innovative ways. The RFK complex occupies something on the order of 190 acres on the Anacostia river, easily accessible to transit, and is a tabula rasa for the entire city. There’s so much we could do with it. […]

11 Sep 2015

Capitol Hill:

The Bee Buzz: Support Our Bees with Your Wallet & Yard

The topic of insects is quite popular in my house these days. We spoon heaps of honey on top of Greek yogurt at breakfast, so the topic of bees rouses interest. While locally-sourced honey is said to help children develop immunity to allergies, we mostly like it because it’s sticky and delicious, and besides, its golden goodness […]

30 Jul 2015

Kingman Park:

Barricade Situation in Kingman Park Area

  There is a barricade situation going on at Kingman Park right now in the 500 block of 25th Place NE, near Benning Road NE and close to the RFK parking lots. According to residents who have been tweeting the blog Frozen Tropics  and us for the past hour (since 7:27 a.m. as of this post), there […]

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