31 Jan 2019

Arts & Entertainment:

Fan of the Botanic Garden? Celebrate New American Gardens!

Even though I’m pretty sure we’ll have another shutdown after February 15, I’m so excited to know that all the Smithsonians are back and open to the public. You heard from our friends at the Postal Museum earlier in the week. Today, the United States Botanic Garden –another backyard gem, although one that was funded […]

31 Jan 2019


Meet the Interim DCPS Chancellor at a Ferebee Friday

Hey there, parents with children enrolled in DCPS: It’s going to be tough to come up with a catchier way of meeting an acting Chancellor than a new series of meet-and greets called “Ferebee Fridays.” You can meet and chat* with acting Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee at one of the Ferebe Friday events organized by […]

31 Jan 2019


TODAY: J.O. Wilson Summer Camp Fair

It’s hard to think of summer when our day temps have hit single digits in the past few hours, but if you’re a parent, summer camp is one of the tools that allows you not to lose it completely during summer break. Here on the Hill, we have a fabulous array of camps, from music […]

29 Jan 2019


Discover Winter Backpacking and Camping at Your Public Library

The weather outside may be frightful and downright unfriendly, but if you’re an outdoors person, it’s a perfect time to camp and backpack– if you know how! Lucky for you, the Northeast branch of the DC Public Library has a class just for you: Winter Camping and Backpacking 101! From the description: Do you put […]

10 Jan 2019


Reminder: Eastern High School’s Feeder Fest is THIS SATURDAY

Hey parents! Are you thinking about high school already? Sure, your tyke is just taking his or her first steps, or you’ve just finally mastered day care, or your little cherub is an official Ms. Frances SugaWuga these days, but S  O  O  N you will be housing a surly tween or teen who will […]

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