15 Nov 2020


Thanksgiving 2020 on the Hill (and off)

Thanksgiving is usually a time for family, heated political discussions, football and shopping. While it is true that many of us will be staying put at home more than in other years, the Thanksgiving menu and caloric excess is one way to give the kickoff to the holiday season more of a feel of normalcy. […]

28 Oct 2020
02 Oct 2020


Las Placitas Will Celebrate 30 Years With Mariachi Band

Las Placitas is celebrating THIRTY YEARS! The restaurant originally opened at 517 8th Street SE and relocated to 1100 8th Street SE in 2016, after their lease was not renewed in 2015, in order to allow an expansion for Matchbox– which later became a vacant space and is now home to Moroccan restaurant Mekki DC. […]

24 Sep 2020

New Hill East:

Three Questions with Nazia Khan of Cameo at The Roost

Welcoming a new coffeeshop to the fold is always nice: There is the anticipation of getting that first cup, seeing how it’s served and who serves it, and then the anticipation of turning that one singular moment into a ritual– whether solo or with friends. I asked Nazia Khan, who is Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s Director […]

16 Sep 2020

Volunteering & Giving:

IronTate Recap, Or what happens when IRONMAN gets canceled during COVID

Reader and Capitol Hill resident Johanna Elsemore recently wrote in with an incredible story of iron-like endurance, cleverness and the help and support of friends and neighbors on and off the Hill. Elsemore’s husband, Courtney Tate, had been training hard for the IRONMAN Maryland race, which was supposed to take place on September 19. The […]

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