26 Apr 2022

Union Station/NOMA:

Union Station graffiti repairs finished in early April

As of Wednesday, April 6, Union Station fully finished repairing the cosmetic damage sustained just a few months earlier. During the early hours of January 28, 34 year-old Geraldo Pando took a permanent marker and defiled the granite exterior of the station with Swastikas . He also tagged three other buildings in the area, according […]

08 Dec 2021


A Few Questions with Artist Rachel Trego

As we get older, many of us lose our sense of whimsy and wonder. That’s why public art is one of our best allies when it comes to getting in touch with our feelings and recapturing a sense of awe and magic about the lovely place in which we live. For many years, there has […]

31 Aug 2021

Everyday heroes: Homemade air filters for classrooms

If you’re not a parent, you may not be following the unfolding saga of public schools reopening this week, and how many of the buildings were decidedly not ready to welcome children back. Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen took tours around local schools, sometimes accompanied by SBOE rep Jessica Sutter. Here are a few tweets […]

02 Oct 2020


Las Placitas Will Celebrate 30 Years With Mariachi Band

Las Placitas is celebrating THIRTY YEARS! The restaurant originally opened at 517 8th Street SE and relocated to 1100 8th Street SE in 2016, after their lease was not renewed in 2015, in order to allow an expansion for Matchbox– which later became a vacant space and is now home to Moroccan restaurant Mekki DC. […]

13 Sep 2019


The Liveliest Flag Pole on Outlaw Way

For the main part, when the District plants a tree on one of the tree boxes around town, it’s a happy occasion. It’s also a big responsibility, knowing that you have to keep it watered so that it can one day contribute to the healthy tree canopy of the District. This was not the case […]

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