Tim Krepp

Tim is The Hill is Home's resident curmudgeon. He is a tour guide and the author of two books, Capitol Hill Haunts and Ghosts of Georgetown, as well as shorter pieces which have appeared in the Washington City Paper, Huffington Post, and other outlets. He also maintains, and very occasionally updates, the blog DC Like a Local, which seeks to provide useful tips to Washington’s visitors. Recently, Tim was a happily unsuccessful candidate for the D.C. Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, and takes an active interest in improving his community. Tim lives on Capitol Hill with his wife, Denise, and two daughters.

Tim Krepp
05 Feb 2015


Fair Winds and Following Seas, ex-USS Barry!

A familiar scene of the greater Capitol Hill neighborhood may soon be no more. As first reported by JDLand, the Navy is indicating plans to scrap the ex-USS Barry. The Commanding Officer of Naval Support Activity Washington, Capt. Monte Ulmer sent a letter to interested stakeholders in which he noted Barry’s “hull is in poor condition and […]

16 Jul 2014

Rudi Appl, Capitol Hill Institution, Died Today

One of the great stories of Capitol Hill came to its inevitable conclusion this morning. Rudi Appl, longtime bartender at Mr. Henry’s Capitol Hill, passed today at about 10:15 am. He was with a good friend at his side, and had just finished a pleasant phone chat with another. I came to know Rudi from […]

25 Mar 2014

A Lazy Voter's Guide to the April Fools' Election

You people. I don’t know why I even bother. Every election, every damn election, I’m out there telling you to vote, and like six of you do. No, you’re too busy. Or, “I don’t pay attention to that local stuff,” as if President Obama really cares that you helped carry DC for him. Or, the […]

29 Nov 2013

O Christmas Tree – On the Hill

All done with your Thanksgiving feast? Have you finished correcting everyone that it’s the “Macy’s THANKSGIVING Day Parade” and not simply the Macy’s Day Parade? Done extolling the virtues of apple pie over pumpkin, or, God forbid, pecan? Well good. Time to swap out our A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Which requires, in […]

09 Apr 2013

Go vote. Again.

Sigh. We’ve got to do it all over again. I know, I know, I chastised you for your lack of civic participation last time around, and told you to go vote. And you did! Hooray, Barack Obama won DC’s 3 electoral votes! He couldn’t do that without you! Oh, and some local elections happened too. […]

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