Elizabeth Festa

05 Jul 2011

Pitango Gelato-Midnight in the Freezer of Good and Evil

Pitango Gelato just opened its doors — or big, gleaming glassfront door at 660 Penn Ave., official address, on 7th Street SE, replacing the two former florist tenants–with an offering of flavors so rich and intense yet cold and refreshing, it takes a the brain a moment to distill the multi-faceted sensory input into one […]

22 Jun 2011

Hine Design Concerns Mount, But Not Insurmountable to ANC6B

At a special call meeting Tuesday night, ANC 6B voted 6-3 to approve a memorandum that development partners Stanton/Eastbanc should make various aesthetic design changes to the  proposed Hine School site, clearing the way for a decision by the Historic Preservation Review Board June 30th on key architectural plans for the square block project.  ANC […]

05 May 2011

CVS Dispenses Wrong Medicine, Right Advice

New mom Anna Fifield was struggling with her four month-old’s eczema, which sent her to seek advice on the MOTH [Moms on the Hill] listserv. Their responses sent her to a specialist, who then sent her to the CVS at 500 12th Street SE to fill a script to treat her baby. She finally had […]

02 May 2011

Say It Ain't So: MPD-1D Commander Kamperin To Retire

Commander David Kamperin, the highly-regarded MPD-1D (First Patrol District) Commander, who was both a classic commanding police official straight out of Central Casting in person, and a listserv and Internet-savvy presence in cyberspace, announced his retirement, set for May 21st. Citizens in those listservs have heaped  praise and cordial good wishes on Kamperin, who has […]

22 Apr 2011

Capitol Curb: Trash, Trinkets and Treasures?

Some of my favorite ‘things’ on Capitol Hill are in its trash. Or next to it. That is to say, things put out on the curb either intended as giveaways or trash, depending on who gets there first – the garbage collectors or the lucky folk who sometimes literally stumble on a cool  or useful […]

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