29 Aug 2014

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Hershey

Hershey is proof that a haircut can change your life.



Hershey, a 4 year old schnauzer mix was surrendered to a shelter in Smyth County, Virginia by an owner who was very sick and could no longer care for her. Her coat was in terrible condition.


Just look at her now! Not only does Hershey have a fancy new ‘do, but she was lucky enough to land in the home of seasoned foster parents Amy McLean and Matt Bandyk.

Family Photo

Matt, Marge, Selma, Amy, and Patty

Amy and Matt have been fostering for City Dogs Rescue (CDR) since 2012 and have hosted 11 dogs so far.  Amy, a director of advocacy communications by day, is on CDR’s volunteer leadership team and runs their shelter-to-rescue program for Smyth County. Her fiancé, Matt, is a journalist and does most of the dog walking. Amy and Matt have adopted three dogs through CDR: they started with Patty and Selma, a bonded pair, and recently added Marge to the family. Sadly, they lost Selma to terminal cancer earlier this summer. But their foster dogs have helped ease the pain. Amy says, “It’s fun to experience their various personalities and goofy quirks. It’s very fulfilling to watch them be happy just being dogs – they are such resilient creatures. One of my foster dogs was thrown out a car window by her owner when they apparently didn’t want her any more…and she was just the happiest, peppiest, most affectionate little thing…you’d never know she had such trauma in her past. Others have gone through rough circumstances and are hesitant at first. I love watching those types come out of their shells and learn to trust you.”

Interested in becoming a foster parent? Amy makes a strong case: “Do it! Seriously. When can you start? I always tell people if you’re not sure, just ease into it. Offer to temporary foster for a weekend. Be realistic with yourself and the rescue about what you think you can handle. Just please, PLEASE do not use the excuse you would be too sad to say goodbye. Trust me, a dog dying because there was no foster home available is much sadder than watching a dog go off and live with somebody other than you.”

If you’re looking for a low-key pup to join your family, Hershey is your girl. Amy says, “Hershey is… so incredibly sweet. She is also super chill. She loves to go for walks, but is also happy snoozing on the couch and watching TV. Sometimes I forget she’s even there because she’s so quiet. She likes to cuddle and is good with my dogs. She might be the easiest foster I’ve ever had. Plus she seems to be fully housebroken.”

Check out CDR’s website to learn more about Hershey and apply to adopt her. You can also meet Hershey in person this Sunday, August 31 from 12pm-3pm at Metro Mutts, 407 8th St SE.


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