18 Jan 2013

They're Your Elected Officials; ANC Commisioners Meet with Neighbors

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Two Capitol Hill Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners are holding meetings this week to get to know their constituents and their concerns.

ANC Commissioner Brian Flahaven of 6B09 is hosting his “office hours/meet and greet” this Saturday from 2-3 p.m. at the Pretzel Bakery, 340 15th Street, SE. There’s no formal agenda. Residents are welcome to stop by and ask questions and share comments.

Nichole Opkins, ANC Commissioner for 6B06, held her first quarterly meeting with constituents earlier this week. The meeting was an opportunity for Opkins to update neighbors on wider 6B ANC issues, and provide a forum for residents to share their ideas and concerns with their ANC representative.

Meetings with your Commissioner are the best way to learn details on what’s happening in your part of the neighborhood with an opportunity to ask more questions and get better context.  Full ANC meetings are also important, but you’re generally limited to the subjects on the agenda and may have limited time to speak.  Check out the THIH ANC Corner page for contact information on other commissioners.  See if yours has a website, follow them on social media and get on their listserv if they have one.  Maybe they’ll meet you for pretzels.

Ward 6 ANC Map
More information from the Office of the ANC


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