28 Dec 2012

The Hill is Home Favorite Posts of 2012

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Ready or not, here comes 2013.

Before we close the blogroll on another year, we asked our writers here at The Hill is Home a simple question: What was your favorite post of 2012?

Easy enough, right? Wrong.

We quickly found that it’s hard to choose just one story from the archives. But, after mulling it over and carefully prodding our writers to pick, we put together this list. So, without further ado, here are a few of the THIH greatest hits.

Thank you readers for your support and see you back here next year!

Claudia: My favorite post(s) of the year was our election coverage, which was a large group effort and something I’m proud we could provide to our readers. Because, as Tim Krepp so eloquently explained, our votes DO count when it comes to local elections and when you don’t do your homework into who to vote (or if you don’t vote at all), we can end up with some pretty bad representatives in office.

Lauren: I second Claudia. When I was in line to vote on election day, several of the ANC candidates were happy to hear I was part of THIH and thanked us for the opportunity to submit their statements. I’m also tempted to say our crime coverage, although that isn’t a very “merry” sentiment, but it’s an area that people look to us for. I’d also like to note Sharee’s post on covered dishes, which brought me to tears. The people on the Hill are why its so great to live here (well that and the Sweet Lobby).

Kyra: I’ll steal Lauren’s sentiment and say that Sharee’s post is it for me. It puts what the Hill means to me in words. My family is in New Jersey, but I’ve been lucky to find a second home town here on Capitol Hill thanks to my friends, neighbors and THIH writers. Family is never farther away than the next house over.

Maria:  I concur with Lauren’s sentiment: Sharee’s post is my favorite.

Tim: One of my favorites was Robert’s history of postseason baseball in Washington, D.C. Hard to believe the last time we saw a playoff game in Washington, the year was 1924. Robert’s story has a photo of an original scorecard and an interview with a D.C. resident who can actually remember attending the game. This year’s Nationals-Cardinals series ended in painful loss, but reading about the history of baseball in D.C. made me realize just how special this year was for the Nats.

Kate: I was so thrilled to read Jon’s post First Bite: The Pretzel Factory. As a HillEast-er I’m overjoyed each time a small business makes a go of it in our part of the Hill. The enthusiasm for the bakery has been great to see, and owner Sean Haney has beefed up his business, and now sells breakfast pretzels and coffee to the early birds as they begin their commute. The Nutella continues for be the main draw for our family, and we’ve made it a go to ‘treat’ combining an afternoon nosh under heat lamps or playing on the Payne jungle gym. I hope Sean’s success this year will encourage other small business owners to open their doors in Hill East. I will be happy to have a first bite, and a second, and a third — and I suspect Jon will too.

Do you have a favorite THIH post from 2012? Tell us which story you liked the most in the comment thread below…

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