25 Apr 2012

Fun for your Humpday: It's FroYo time.

This could be us, people! Photo courtesy of Twitter user @DianaBowen

Hey there, everybody! Remember how I told you last week all about the Ben and Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt truck? Right! So, let’s make it happen on the Hill, shall we? This could be our bit of Humpday Fun for the universe: we all get on our smartphones and reach out to the truck, begging it to come to the best neighborhood, like, EVER. And then we all celebrate with little itty bitty containers of frozen yogurt. Deal?

If you’re dying to know what it’s like inside the truck, by the by (and really, why wouldn’t you want to know?), you can always entertain yourself by reading the the Best Bites Blog’s adventure aboard the Frozen Goodness-mobile. And there, not from me, so you can see it’s totally objective, you will see that what we need to do is agree to Tweet together and then the goodies will come. So…. let’s do it, okay? Starting NOW.

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