27 Dec 2011

Tuesday Morning Circle Time


Photo by MarĂ­a Helena Carey

Good morning! Are you back at work this morning? Well, I hope at the very least your commute was easy and quiet. The ribbons and paper are bursting out of bins and cans all over the neighborhood. The truly disciplined may have tossed the trees to the curb and moved on.

Holidays is DC can be so peaceful and quiet as the many non-natives head for home, so take advantage and grab a table at Toki Underground.

So what did you do this weekend?

Maria watched movies, ate her weight in empanadas and chocolate (which turned out to be a lot more than en she started) napped, read, and generally enjoyed as much peace and merriment as can be afforded in a household with two boys.

Jen was on top of her game this year with all baking and wrapping completed ahead of time. Friday night we watched Elf for the hundredth time. Saturday we celebrated Christmas Eve, Finnish style. No Tree fire this year! Sunday we woke, unwrapped and hit the turnpike for a record-fast trip to New Jersey. Hallelujah.

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