06 Oct 2011

The ToDo List

My pups and I kayaking on the Patuxent

Yet again, I find myself sitting here at 12:38am, the night before a ToDo List is needed – with no ToDo List.

So, I’m going to take some liberties here…

How about this weekend, you get off the Hill? Expand your horizons! The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, so go hike Old Rag, or paddle on the Patuxent River out at Patuxent River Park. Or head up to Annapolis and wander along the water. Go sip some wine in Virginia! (I like Linden – then stop in Middleburg on your way home.) Heck, you can even head up to Philadelphia for the day! Or, closer to home and inside the beltway,  just head over to Old Town and window shop on King Street.

Don’t want to leave the city? Okay, that’s fine. Head over to Thompson Boathouse or Jack’s Boathouse or, my favorite, Fletcher’s Boathouse and grab a kayak or a canoe and check out the Potomac on a gorgeous fall weekend. Or hit up Roosevelt Island. How about a picnic in Rock Creek Park?

I love our neighborhood as much as the next guy, but that thing about absence making the heart grow fonder is so true! And we live in such a great city, in a great region, where there are so many ways to enjoy a gorgeous fall weekend – don’t limit your enjoyment of it to our little part of the world! Get out and explore, and let us know what you did on Monday in the comments of Circle Time!



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