22 Jul 2011

D.C. School Board Jay-Vees needed

Photo by Sharee Lawler.

Hey Ward 6 Kids! (and their parents/caregivers, right?)

The DC State Board of Education is looking –now!– for two student representatives to serve for the upcoming school year. How cool would that be?  Going out the door, telling your folks the Board is waiting for your input, as you take off on your skateboard with your pre-calculus homework in your backpack and a fledgling idea in your brain about how to write a sonnet in iambic pentameter all from Social Media updates.

And while you are at it, you might want to say something to the Board about that outdated book you’re using, or your kid sister’s science teacher having to buy Bunsen burners and beakers over at the high school from her own salary. Again. Or the concerns from the gay student population at area schools. Or the way the  DCAS testing regime is handled at the school of that little kid you babysit.

Student Representatives act as liaisons between the District’s student population and the State Board of Education on a variety of issues and concerns–and there are many. It is definitely not too late to apply. Get out of the pool or the Mac store or the RFK parking lot (the carnival’s over) and think about making your mark at an early age on education issues. You live it. Speak to it!

The term begins in September 2011 and ends in July 2012.

To serve as a Student Representative, an applicant must be a resident of DC and currently enrolled as a junior or senior in a District of Columbia high school, or a freshman, sophomore or junior in a local college or university.

Applications are due by close of business on Friday, July 29, but I hear that date shouldn’t scare you if you want to have a little extra time to decide.

Monica Warren-Jones, the Ward 6 member of the Board of Education, is available  to discuss the position with any interested youth.

Applications may be downloaded from the SBOE’s website at www.sboe.dc.gov and submitted via email or by ground mail to:

441 Fourth Street, NW
Suite 723-North
Washington, DC 20001

For more information, contact the DC State Board of Education Office at 202-741-0888 or contact Monica Warren-Jones directly at 202.431.5369.


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