23 May 2011

Monday Morning Circle Time

photo by bigbirdz

Morning! We got lucky again. The feared Sunday afternoon thunderstorms never appeared and we were able to stretch the weekend out until its bitterest end. We are really getting primo weekend weather right now. Finally enjoying a much longed-for spring. The blazing temperatures and even the mosquitoes are being held at bay. It’s such a sweet feeling to walk or bike around this neighborhood right now.

Not that I want any of you to leave the Hill or anything but, wow, now is the time to put that house on the market.  Our neighborhood is at it’s finest …(yes Halloween you are a very very close second.) In my mind the hordes are after our real estate agents begging for the opportunity to call the Hill home…

Of course this redistricting debate is poised to throw a wrench into the harmony and perhaps give “The Pride of Capitol Hill” to Ward 7 which  just seems batty to me. Sigh. There it is. That Monday morning reality. Putting this dreamy weekend behind me for good.

Eh, so what did you do this weekend?

Maria: Friday I was able to enjoy Hello Cupcake II’s opening day, among all the other hustle and bustle of the day (Hi Jen!).  The “You Tart!” cupcake can insult me any day, because it’s absolutely delicious. Saturday, I awaited the Rapture that never came, in between a birthday party and giving the Uniontown Grill a try (yum!).  Sunday, I deserved a gold medal in home inspection after seeing entirely too many houses for sale around the Hill.  Later, I joined part of the THIH posse at the Argonaut, where we raised our glass to two years of reporting and navelgazing.  Yay!

Nichole: Spent a long weekend camping with friends in the Hudson Valley. It was the new pup’s first weekend in the woods and first swim in the lake – he’s a natural!

Jon: After a week of travel and another week of evening events after work, this weekend was mercifully low-key.  We enjoyed some cupcakes from the new Hello Cupcake and grilled burgers out for the first time this season, but spent a lot of time catching up on projects and chores around the house and yard.  I enjoyed a celebratory drink at the Argonaut with the THIH folks Sunday afternoon as well.

Sharee: This weekend was our annual block yard sale: part house purge, part fun morning hanging out with the neighbors.  That afternoon I celebrated a friend’s grad school graduation at Bier Garten Haus and  Saturday night we took advantage of Charlie Palmer’s generous no-corkage policy and took a couple of our favorite bottles of wine over for a lovely dinner to celebrate my better half’s non-rapturous birthday.  Sunday morning we hit the tennis courts at Sherwood (lovely job with the landscaping this weekend by the Sherwood Neighbor Volunteers, btw) and that evening we managed to swing by Hello Cupcake for a treat before seeing Cyrano at the Folger.

Jen: Friday I did some Bikram and rushed home so the spouse could attend his weekly, really annoying, Friday night hockey game. After kid bedtime I watched, Sex and the City 2 and felt really disgusted with both myself, the filmmakers and the actresses. Blech.  Saturday began with a serious clean-a-thon as my parents were coming for a few days. We watched Little League then hosted the in-laws for dinner. Whew. Sunday we picked out tile for the kitchen backsplash. (The kitchen renovation was completed 2 1/2 years ago and the naked wall has mocked me daily since.)  I ended the weekend with a feeling closure albeit the joy of the purchase caused me to totally space out about THIH celebration at the Argo.




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