06 Apr 2011

Things We Take for Granted: The Ushers at Nats Park

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Okay, okay. I’m sure I’ve gushed about the Nats to the point of exhaustion, but I really do love baseball. And despite what others may say, I love the park, too! I particularly love spending my summers at a park where both my family and I can find some enjoyment: a jungle gym and lots of room to run for my daughter, all while us grownups enjoy beer, Ben’s and baseball.

What I think many people take for granted are the great ushers who do everything from wipe down a wet seat (there were lots of those this past weekend) or, in my case, get you a seat when the park is packed with newly minted Strasburg fans.

In section 305, you’ll find Arthur. He is a kind fellow who has been working as an usher in our section since 2009. When my daughter was just an infant, he’d pull up a seat for me away from the crowds when she and I needed a little breathing room. Last year he relocated us to a new section when a particular group of drunken fans got slightly out of control. We wanted to stay, but he was concerned about the baby. This past weekend he gushed over our little one, now walking and talking. Arthur, a Hill East resident, and I greeted each other with a hug, talked about our off-season and complained about the weather when I arrived at our section on Thursday. I suspect we will spend many a night talking about the team’s ups and downs as the season unfolds.

During the off-season, my husband and I talked about upgrading to the 200 level, but someone brought us back to 305, at least for one more year. Arthur is an important part of our ballpark experience and we couldn’t imagine a game without him.

If you are a regular at the park, please share stories about the people at the park that make your experience great.

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  • Mike

    I’m a huge fan of the park too. We finally got season tickets this year, after going ala cart for the past few years. We are in 104, which is great because you can walk straight in the back gate and to your seats. We also chose it because of the usher there who has been so wonderful to us. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember her name, but we all know each other’s faces. She’s always quick with a smile and a hello. We chat about the Nats chances that night. And last summer, she let us onto the field for Dave Matthews even though we didn’t have those tickets. She’s the best…

  • kyra

    A great usher really does make for a great park. Last year our daughter wanted to see Screech, so we were lingering around the section where he was (some where in the 100’s). the usher saw us and brought us down to the front row, practically on the field, told us to have a seat and instructed Terrance, a Nats Pack person, to send him our way. It was totally unnecessary but extremely kind. We watched most of the game from those great seats.

  • Mike

    Terrence unfortunately works for the Wizards now….so sad to see him go.

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