26 Apr 2011

Special Election is Today

Image by Infrogmation

This PSA is a friendly reminder from your local bloggers to remember to go and vote in today’s special election for the At-Large seat on the City Council. The seat was opened when the former At-Large Council member Kwame Brown took over as Council Chair. There are plenty of candidates in the this race but The Hill is Home isn’t endorsing any. We are happy to let you know who is running.

Sekou Biddle was appointed to temporarily fill the open seat and he’d very much like to stay. Others vying for the spot are Bryan Weaver, Patrick Mara, Vincent Orange, Josh Lopez, Dorothy Douglas, Alan Page, Arkan Haile and Tom Brown. Wards 4 and 8 are also voting for their State Board of Education representatives.

Your usual polling place may not be open today so double check here before you venture out.


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