04 Apr 2011

Monday Morning Circle Time

Good morning! Kind of a kooky weekend weather-wise, But the Thunder hail was kind of cool! There were lots of opportunities to be out an about this weekend. Friday night was the Opening ceremony for the Hill’s first Little League with BOTH Tommy Wells and the Nationals’ Mascot Screech the Eagle in attendance. Folks were invading the Tidal Basin to take in the last glimpses of the cherry blossoms; partying at Yards Park to enjoy the Fireworks and I hear there was a 3 hour wait at Toki Underground Saturday night. Did any of our readers wait it out for a chance to taste some ramen?

Of course there was also some pretty big basketball games this weekend right? I’m sure many of you enjoyed the Final Four at one of our local drinking/sports-viewing establishments….

So, what did you do this weekend?

Jon: Busy and productive weekend.  We managed to avoid the rain Saturday and have a good time at the Cherry Blossom Family Festival at the Yards Park.  It was chilly by the paper lantern craft made the trip well worth it.  Sunday morning fond us babysitting early for friends who were running in the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run.  We managed to get more yardwork done and more flowers planted in the (slightly) warmer weather.

Claudia: I spent Saturday on H Street at the crawfish boil at Little Miss Whiskey’s, where I got to sample beer from the new local DC Brau.  We then checked out Queen Vic and Fruit Bat before calling it a night.
Sunday I enjoyed the sunny morning by walking around the Hill and Capitol grounds, and then spent some time in Pound Coffee which was absolutely packed, followed up with a BBQ with some neighbors.

Nichole: Friday after yoga (at Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill) I had ‘ritas at Mi Vecindad with a couple of lovely friends. Saturday (after yoga) I went to a party over in Carver Langston (a neighborhood I had never really explored) to celebrate some out of town guests visiting, which was followed by a move to the Argonaut for late night snacks and bourbon (huge thanks to Argo for being so accommodating of our large, loud, rowdy and drunk group). Sunday I spent some quality time on my couch and finished the weekend with a yoga class at BYCH.

Maria: Friday, I spent it laughing at April Fools all over the Internets and then toasting the end of a very eventful March with tequila, after almost not making it out of the house.  Saturday, I cheered on my little runner at Tyler Elementary’s “Laps Around Lincoln.”  You haven’t seen cute until you’ve witnessed a whole bunch of little kids running around in bright orange t-shirts (except for the little girl who pushed my toddler while he ran– I am declaring her not cute at all).  Granville Moore’s lived up to every single recommendation issued praising its virtues and its delicious mussels.  Wrapped the night up by catching “A Place in the Sun” at the Atlas, which taught me two things: Elizabeth Taylor was really that gorgeous; and some movies do not age well AT ALL.  Sunday, had a wonderful brunch with the kiddos at the Argonaut; saw the cherry blossoms at the Arboretum; and walked around looking at open houses.

Lauren: After a winter of procrastinating, I resumed Saturday gym workouts with a friend, and later did a great job of canceling any calories burned with dinner at Matchbox. Sunday was spent running errands and taking a long walk with the pup at Congressional Cemetery.

Kyra: I spent my weekend at the ballpark. Would I be anywhere else? Okay Maybe I wanted to be somewhere else during the top of the 8th on Sunday afternoon. But you would too if you were there.

Jen: With my husband out of town I single parented this weekend It was fun but yeah, no real ME time. I hosted two extra boys for a sleepover Friday night and this time they slept. Saturday was mostly spent wet and cold at one baseball game or another. Got to see a field full of kids and parents quickly scatter due to the unexpected hail storm. Sunday involved a baseball practice, a sandlot baseball get-together followed by a viewing of National Velvet at the Atlas. We all enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.


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