06 Dec 2010

Monday Morning Circle Time

photo by Madame Meow

This weekend felt so…bustley didn’t it? Like in a city sidewalks, busy sidewalks kind of way.  It could have been holiday-induced bustling or perhaps people were moving quickly to get to their destination because it was just so cold. Winter arrived and the boots, coats and mittens came with it.

Hanukkah started last week so this weekend saw at least a few opportunities for dreidel spinning and latkes. Always a good idea.

So what about you? Did your holiday season begin with feasts and parties? Anybody get to go to the Kennedy Center Honors??

Claudia: I took it easy on Friday night to give my system a little more time to get over an annoying cold.  On Saturday I went to the Capitol Hill Holiday Tree lighting, then made it out to Ballston for a birthday dinner, then came back to the Hill to join the celebration for Nichole’s birthday on H Street.  Sunday I went to the Artisa Kitchen Breakfast Club and then caught up on some work in anticipation of a very busy week.  I’m starting to feel like I need a day of rest after my weekends…

Nichole: Friends started to arrive on Friday afternoon for Birthday Party Weekend, and we spent Friday night at Wisdom. Saturday we had a late “brunch” (is it still brunch if you don’t leave the house until 3?) at Ted’s Bulletin, before hitting our friends’ son’s first birthday party. The main event Saturday was the Sagittarius Party AKA My Birthday Party at the Argonaut where I was joined by so many of my amazing friends for an awesome party (big thanks to Chad Christian, Julia Christian and Eric Fuller for treating us to some sweet music). After the Argo, some of us kept the party going, first at the Rock n’ Roll Hotel and then at the Star & Shamrock. Sunday was spent on my couch in my pjs recovering!

Jon: Saturday morning was spent in an annual board retreat, but my ability to sit still for a long time was rewarded with dinner at Fogo de Chao to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday.  Sunday included a quick (and frigid) trip to Eastern Market and a coworker’s Hanukkah Party in Annandale.

Liz: Ran around the Hill, had kids do Santa list after scoping out old and new face toy and game stores, tried preview of Pound’s brew with ANC Norm, got our Christmas Tree at Frager’s–the first one the kids saw unwrapped–decorated with the nonbreakables,  feted Nichole at the Argonaut, and almost had another freak accident at Eastern Market when a tent skeleton folded and collapsed on my head in the strong winds. Sought candy canes for the tree, to no avail! Is there a candy cane shortage?

Maria: On Friday, my two hellions and I trampolined to my heart’s content at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex.  On Saturday, went to see “Tangled” and it was awesome and I totally cried; ran errands all around the Hill; took pictures at the lighting of Big George down on Pennsylvania and 8th; and celebrated Nichole’s solar return with some fellow THIHers; on Sunday, I played with LEGOs and it was really, really awesome.

Robert: Spent Saturday running the usual Saturday errands and lessons, and stopping by Labyrinth for their grand opening. That evening, dinner with neighbors who are moving. (fortunately, they’re just moving across the street, so this was actually a celebration) Sunday early afternoon was spent bouncing around the Pump It Up moon bounces at a kid’s birthday party, then the late afternoon was spent at the Atlas, at their Christmas singalong. Which was great, except for that person who introduced it all. Where did they dredge HER up from? Yeesh! Then we went home and continued the Christmas spirit by bringing in the tree and trimming it.

Jen: My weekend started off with an ugh as I realized Friday night I had to drive to Rockville to pick up our programs from the printers who had generously donated their efforts to the Atlas’ Sing Along.  So that was fun. Saturday was very Hill focused as we tried some tasty coffee from Pound, checked out Labyrinth and bought our tree at Frager’s.  Saturday night I celebrated Nichole’s existence at the Argo. Very Busy Sunday was almost derailed by a flat tire which happened in Brookland in the middle of my crazy running around. Much thanks to my husband who rescued me and enabled me to be onstage to introduce the Sing Along. I felt like I let the sisterhood down with the helpless girl thing but I got to where I needed to be with five minutes to spare.


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