02 Nov 2010

Hill Buzz

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Happy Election Day!  It’s time to celebrate because after tonight you will finally be able to turn on the TV without being bombarded with political ads!  If you have not already voted, it’s a great excuse to come into work late or leave early, so go on out there!  And since I know there are a lot of FourSquare users around the Hill, did you know you can get an “I Voted” badge by checking into your voting precinct?

So whether you’re at work or in line at the polls, there is plenty of reading to catch up on this morning, both political and non-political.  Enjoy!

In election news:

  • City Paper’s Loose Lips reported that ANC 6B02 candidate, Ivan Frishberg, used robocalls to target voters in his SMD and invite them to THIH’s meet and greet last night.  I guess we’ll see tonight how that strategy plays out for him. * Please note that THIH was not part of the robocalls and does not plan to call you at dinner time.  Ever.
  • City Paper’s Housing Complex proposed ways to improve the ANCs.
  • Greater Greater Washington listed their enforcements for ANCs in northern and southern Ward 6.
  • The 2010 Census means that the boundary lines for the city’s wards will be re-drawn, affecting many of the SMDs.  City Paper looked at how the issue has created a bit of a battle between Tommy Wells and Marion Barry.

In non-election news:

  • TBD looks into the mystery of the weird little wooden locker on H Street that is now cemented to the ground.
  • The People’s District interviewed Ann of Ann’s Beauty Supply and Wigs Co. on L St. SE.
  • Zagat Buzz is excited for the opening of DC-3, as are we!
  • H Street Great Street shared some details on the soon to open Tru Orleans
  • Prince of Petworth checked out Hunan Dynasty
  • Housing Complex reported that ground has been broken on The Flats at Atlas District, a new apartment building just east of the H Street Corridor.


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