10 Nov 2010

Baby Loves Pie

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So, last week I wrote about how buying pie equals doing good this Thanksgiving. All you have to do is buy a pie through Slice of Life by November 18, pick it up at your neighborhood CVS, and you’ll support Food & Friends efforts to feed needy Washingtonians this Thanksgiving.

Now I’ll appeal to your tummies. Especially those of you with large tummies. As the Hill Baby Boom continues and more and more Snowmagetton babies arrive, there are lots of hungry third trimester bellies in the ‘hood. Those bellies need pie. Thanksgiving or not. I know, I was there. My pie loving baby arrived in September, drunk on ice cream cake, a close but very chilly relative to pie.

So, just in case you haven’t added quite the amount of “cushion” a healthy pregnancy permits, order a pumpkin pie and you’ll not only get a tasty delight, but you can count it as a serving of vegetable — and make sure there’s something tasty on the table of someone in need this Thanksgiving.

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