04 Oct 2010

Meet the Candidates: Norman Metzger ANC 6B03

We have offered to post brief statements from all of the ANC candidates running for seats on Capitol Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods that we cover here on The Hill is Home.  These statements are not endorsements and have been posted exactly as submitted by the candidates.

Norman Metzger ANC 6B03

I took office one year ago after a special election and since then have:

  • Established effective communications with my constituents, principally through my web site, www.ancnorm.org;
  • Served as liaison between DCWater and you during the replacement of water pipes;
  • Worked diligently with neighbors and DDOT to find a paving solution for the terrible condition of F Street Terrace, the alley beside Christ Church;
  • Represented neighbors’ concerns at many meetings with the Marines seeking new quarters and with CSX seeking to build a larger tunnel for moving freight;
  • Arranged a community meeting on plans for The Maples (formerly Friendship House);
  • Assumed chairmanship of the ANC6B Special Committee on Retail Mix seeking to retain diversity of restaurant and retail establishments in our commercial areas;
  • Testified before the City Council;
  • Responded to constituents’ issues and problems — illegal parking signs, broken sidewalks, lack of adequate church parking, illegal dumping, and much more; and not least,
  • Attended and vigorously participated in monthly ANC meetings, representing the views and concerns of neighbors, such as issues of trash and noise from restaurants on Barracks Row.

New and unexpected issues will surely come up in my first full term, but some that I know lie ahead include:

  • Ensuring that community concerns are fully addressed in the relocation of quarters for the Marines.  This includes the transformation of the Building 20 site into a community resource;
  • Dealing, even in a tough budget time, with the sad state of many of our sidewalks;
  • Working with DDOT to fix the poor timing of traffic lights, especially on 8th Street;
  • Continuing to monitor the development of The Maples to ensure that neighborhood concerns are fully considered;
  • Working with others on the development of the Hine site that integrates your concerns and hopes for this massive and exciting development;
  • Completing and then implementing guidance for the ANC on ensuring a “retail mix” for the commercial sectors that takes account of neighborhood concerns and desires; and,
  • Continuing to respond to your specific concerns.

There is much to do.  I look forward to working hard on behalf on behalf of my neighbors in the next two years.

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