28 Jun 2010

Monday Morning CircleTime

the snow, ice, parking spot wars...all a distant memory.

Another brutally hot weekend but I think we’re adapting, remembering that life at these temperatures is best faced with cold treats and as little clothing you can get away with in polite company.

As I struggled to keep my plants and children well hydrated I dusted off an old acting technique, sense memory, trying to recall the sensations of the snow and the cold… none of it really helped me feel less hot. Not even this picture.

How many THIH bloggers were left standing? Did anyone brave the scorching Mall full of tourists for the Folklife Festival?

Tory: Enjoyed some sun (albeit off the Hill) with friends on Saturday, fell asleep early due to said sun and spent a relaxing Sunday at home with my husband and dogs, indoors. I look forward to a reprieve from the heat soon!

Jon: As it was sweltering hot all weekend we stayed close to home or in it with the air conditioning on and the oven off as much as possible. We took full advantage of the sale at Ginkgo Gardens and bought about a dozen new plants and shrubs for the first phase of redoing our yard.  The folks there were very helpful, I might add.  Sunday was a
day of feasting on H Street with lunch from Taylor Gourmet and evening dessert from the new Rita’s.

Nichole: Spent the weekend beating the heat in Western PA. I missed the Hill, but the lows in the 60s and highs not exceeding 85 made it okay. Also hit the farms up here and filled a fridge with grown-on-site lettuce, peas, green beans, sweet onions, baby white potatoes, corn, radishes, beets and pickling cucumbers all for $24.  I’m going to make one more farm stop before leaving to fulfill requests for peaches, plums and nectarines for DC friends!

Kyra: This weekend I collected gallons of sweat with the help of my absorbent clothing and complained, often, about the heat.

David: On Friday, I played a charity concert (for YPFP) in Georgetown. On Saturday, we headed to Linden Vineyards in Linden, Virginia, where we tasted some excellent wine. We spent the night camping at Sky Meadows State Park, and then drove back to the Hill on Sunday.

Sharee: It was another busy weekend for the kitchen or, rather, the grill this weekend. My better half’s H Street Country Club Skeeball team celebrated the end of the season with a barbecue at our place. Saturday we celebrated the grand opening of Rita’s on H St by going with our neighbors to get free ice. Sunday we hosted our Hill East-centric supper club. Theme for the night: things not to eat on a first date.

Jen: Had a night out with some friends on Friday and we hit some H Street hot spots ending with the Baltimore Bomb at Dangerously Delicious. I spend so much time on H but my old lady/mom lifestyle has me home early before all the fun starts and its always good to remind myself how utterly different the neighborhood is at night. Saturday ran errands between soccer games and left all my men at home during the US/Ghana overtime to get to the Atlas for the movies and was glad to have missed the tears and yelling. The new Rita’s down the street brightened their moods considerably.

Claudia: Friday night I enjoyed a surprisingly cool breeze off of the Potomac on the Georgetown Water front after dinner at Farmers and Fishers.  Saturday, after errands and watching soccer, I got a cold treat from Rita’s Water Ice on H Street where I got to meet Kwame Brown.  Sunday I had a delicious brunch at the Four Seasons and spent the entire rest of the day in the pool and then got sushi at the Banana Leaf in Dupont.


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