03 Dec 2013

Give a Gift for #GivingTuesday

The Hill is awesome.  We all know that.  But if you think its just the quaint streets and great restaurants and shops that make it that way, then look a little deeper. There are so many nonprofits whose work in and contribution to the community go a long way toward making the Hill the enriching […]

21 Nov 2013

Thanksgiving Baskets for Neighbors in Need

              Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? Or giving thanks that someone else is commandeering the kitchen? Either way, pack an extra bag with all the fixings while you’re loading up your cart at the grocery store. You can make a big difference to what’s on the table in the […]

05 Jun 2013

Do More on June 6

Did you know that 30% of DC residents are living under the poverty line? So while you and I may worry about what to cook for dinner, there are neighbors who are worrying if  they can afford dinner. United Way of the National Capital Area has launched the DoMore24 Campaign, an easy way to give […]

08 Mar 2013

Fun For a Good Cause: Upcoming School Auctions!

For the parents: we know you’ve been needled half to death about your kid’s school’s upcoming auction or fundraiser, but the fun part is here! Auction season is upon us, and supporting not just your school’s auction but other schools’ only makes all our children excel, and that is a win-win. For the non-parents: think […]

27 Nov 2012


You’ve had several days to shop and procure the happiest of holidays for everyone on your list– from your BFF to your picky sister, to that [redacted] girl a few cubicles over who is always giving you the side-eye. Now it’s time to give back. Dear inventor of Giving Tuesday, you are simply the best […]